IBS Civil & Plumbing Services bring to you the very latest and most cost effective solutions in Sewer, Waste Water, Storm-water and all aspects of commercial drainage & plumbing.


 We bring you the latest in complex hydraulic techniques to remove excess rainwater in a more efficient and aesthetic way. 

The specialist areas that IBS can assist you in are:

  • Sewer & Waste Water
  • Stormwater
  • Large-scale building projects
  • Refurbishments and fit-outs
  • Design

Sewer & Waste Water

We handle both major and minor Sewer and Water works – as well as new mains, we complete mains upgrades and diversions, sewer encasements, drainage, access chambers, trade waste and sanitary plumbing, along with major remediation works.


Civil works and large-scale developments require provision and construction for drainage.
We provide all levels of infrastructure, including box culverts, easements and diversions. Stormwater management is one of the key areas.

Large-Scale Building Projects

IBS Civil & Plumbing Services provide services to substantial sites
Major sites are our speciality – sites such as major shopping centres, retirement villages, office buildings and luxury apartments.

Design, Refurbishments and Fit-Outs

An advantage to providing large-scale services is the expertise we can then pass on to upgrades of sites with existing plumbing.

We will design the best solution for your set of requirements.

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